Tuesday, February 16, 2010

John and I made a peanut!!

Our fist doctor’s appointment went well!! It was kind of ironic that we took our puppy to the vet the same day to get spayed. I kept telling her that she gets to go have her baby maker taken out, and I have to go get mine checked out. Anyways, John had his first experience at the “girl” doctor’s office, and I think he handled it pretty well. He was occupied with a Men’s Health magazine and was reading up on acupressure and how to relieve headaches, neck aches, and nausea…yes, we were trying it out while waiting for the doctor.

When the doctor was going through our family history, one of the questions was if we had twins in the family. Well, most of you all probably know John is a twin, but my Grandma LeBlanc also had twins. I was getting a little nervous that there might be two in there, but we had our first ultrasound and there is definitely only one baby!! The ultrasound didn’t show too much, mostly that it looked like I had a peanut inside of me. The ultrasound could already pick up the heartbeat, but it was too faint to actually hear it. I did have to pee in a cup, which I hate, and was informed that I would have the pleasure of doing it EVERYTIME I have an appointment. If anybody has a suggestion on how to not get it all over your hands, I would love to know the secret. For now, I will continue scrubbing my hands down like I am going into surgery.

Some of you probably know my weakness for needles and blood, but I was quite proud of myself for having THREE vials of blood taken and I didn’t pass out! I was quite impressed with myself. I have never had my blood taken so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the nurse was really good. Only one poke and about 45 seconds later and I was done. There was a list of about 25 things they were checking for, but the only one I remember was HIV, so say a little prayer I don’t have AIDS :)

The family was informed of the big news after we were assured everything looked good at the appointment…so the excitement is starting and I think it is finally setting in that our family of three (which includes our dog) will be growing to four on SEPTEMBER 18, 2010.

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