Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A few weeks ago I got to experience (in the middle of the night!) why football players look like they are dying when they get a leg cramp!! The worst part is, the only thing I can do is scream and hold my leg. One morning, Maggie, yes I am a pushover and let the dog sleep with me every once in a while, was sleeping with me and BAM, leg cramp. At first she looked at me like, “why the hell did you wake me up acting like a crazy woman,” but then she thought I was dying. I guess it happens because pregnant ladies have so much more blood in them that the body has to work harder to pump it out of the legs. Bananas are becoming a staple food in my diet (they’re supposed to help)!!

I also finally told the guys at work that I was prego. I sit with 3 guys at lunch for those that don’t know the situation. However, I waited a day to break the news that I am going to need a “designated driver” to get me back to Omaha from Lincoln just in case this baby decides he/she wants to come into this world at work. They all just laughed like I was kidding; little do they know I was completely serious!! I’m praying that situation doesn’t happen, but I have to cover my bases for all possibilities. I think the one who has two kids and has seen his wife in labor would probably be my best choice!

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