Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Husker baby

John and I had our second doctor’s appointment and heard the heartbeat! I wish I could say more about the appointment, but honestly, I peed in a cup (I did much better this time if anybody cares), then the doctor listened to the heartbeat and that was it. We were in the waiting room longer than we were with the doctor. I can say, however, that I am now in the second trimester. It’s kind of crazy how fast this has gone so far. In the past week or so, I finally feel like I am starting to show, and that other people might actually be able to notice it too:) Hopefully people who don’t know that I am prego don’t just think I need to hit the gym a little harder. Oh well, I am now to the point that I think I officially have a baby bump.

Now that I am over the “sick” part, I am starting to enjoy this. It’s really neat to read weekly updates on how our little zucchini is growing and what parts are developing. I suppose the only down fall is now that most everybody knows, I am getting a little sick of the “advice.” Not that I don’t appreciate the sincerity, but honestly, every pregnancy is different and just because you craved pickles does not mean that I am going to. Patience was not a virtue I was blessed with. John, on the other hand, has just starting a long-term substitute job as a P.E. teacher for an elementary school, ironically for a lady who is out on maternity leave. Hopefully this baby inherits John’s patience and not mine (or lack thereof). Oh, and for anybody who has trouble remembering dates, and is a husker fan, I am due the day the huskers play Washington. John has already asked if a T.V. would be available. I assured him, that if I happen to go into labor on that day, there would be a T.V. available. I will be sure to bring a husker outfit for the trip home from the hospital!

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