Thursday, April 29, 2010

20 weeks down, 20 more to go!

About a week ago, my friend Shawna was able to make a visit to good ol’ Nebraska and I got to meet her adorable little boy, Dominik. Such a cuttie and quite mellow from the short time I saw him. Hopefully our little one will pick up on those qualities! She also brought me my first baby items: a swaddler (a blanket that folds up tightly around baby for those that have never seen one), a cute story book, and some extra containers for milk – definitely items that will come in handy! She also informed me that they would be making a trip back in September, which also means just in time for baby Zucchelli to arrive!!

Aaaaannnnddddd I think I am finally feeling some movement! The first time I thought I felt something was at a wedding we were at over the weekend. We were waiting for the ceremony to start, when all of a sudden I felt something. It felt very similar to when your stomach grumbles, but there was something a little different about it. I looked at John, and was like, “I think I just felt something!!” A huge smile came over his face, I think it will be a moment I’ll never forget. It will be even more fun when he can feel the baby himself. I was still a little hesitant to say for sure it was actually the baby because my stomach was feeling a little funky that day. But then….we were waiting for church to start the next morning, and there was that same feeling. Since the weekend, the moving has continued, so I think I can officially say baby Zucchelli is on the move in my belly :)

My doctor had informed me that I would probably start feeling movement around 20 weeks, so baby Zucchelli is right on time. What this also means is that we get to find out what we are having in T-minus two weeks (May 14th). To all those who think I should wait (which is usually those over the age of 50), sorry, but it ain’t happening. Also to all those who think I should wait for it to be a surprise, IT IS A SURPRISE, JUST NOT AT DELIVERY TIME. I am far too much of a planner to wait until after my life turns upside down to start buying gender specific items.

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