Monday, April 12, 2010

3rd doctors appointment down, how many more to go??

I actually remembered to pay attention to the baby’s heartbeat this time – 153 bpm. An old wives tell says anything above 140 is a girl; HOWEVER, I also did the pencil test, which says the baby is a boy. For those that don’t know the pencil test, you suspend a pencil above your wrist with a string and if it moves up and down your arm it’s a boy and across your wrist is a girl. I’ve actually heard the pencil test is more accurate than the heartbeat, but I guess we will find out the truth during our next appointment!! I can’t believe we will already be finding out what we are having and that I am already almost half way through. Time is flying by and this baby is going to be here way to fast. Being that I haven’t bought any baby items yet, maybe I should get on top of that!

I think my 3-year-old niece is starting to take an interest in my growing belly. She was sitting on my lap and leaning back, but I had just eaten, so I told her to lean forward because she was squishing me. She turned around to face me, when I think she realized my belly was sticking out more than normal. I told her there was a baby growing in my stomach and if she leans back to far, she would squish it. She then proceeded to ask me how big it was while holding out her hands about 2 feet long! I told her I sure hope not, and that it was more like five inches long while moving her hands closer together. She then lifted my shirt up to make sure I was telling her the truth, but since she couldn’t see it, she poked my belly to see if she could feel it I guess. Definitely a cute moment.

Side note: I finally took out my belly button ring. For probably the past month I just unscrewed the ball that kept the bar in so it didn’t stick out. I thought for sure the bar would just fall out on its own so I didn’t have to do it, but no such luck. I know this sounds weird for all you non-belly-button-ring wearers, but seriously, I had that thing for the past ten years (not to mention the pain I went through to get it done) and I think I was going through a bit of separation anxiety. John told me numerous times that it looked weird and I should just take it out, well I finally did. No more bling on the belly :(

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