Monday, May 10, 2010

My 1st Mother's Day

Welp, I attended my first bachelorette party sober for my good friend Franny. It was a lot of fun, but definitely a different experience going to a gay club pregnant and stone cold sober! Another one of the bridesmaids is pregnant too, so I wasn’t the only one. There was a ton of great food, though, so I made up my beer calories with food calories – I think baby was happy about that! Oh, another fun fact, each bridesmaid was in charge of something for the party, mine ironically was the beer. It was kind of funny walking down the street to the house visibly pregnant with two cases of beer in hand! I have another bachelorette party in June; I might have to bring a six pack of O’Doul’s!

This past weekend I also got to experience my first mother’s day! It didn’t start off so good when John thought it would be funny to tell me, “Happy Mother’s Day even though you’re not really a mom yet.” Ha ha John, not funny, not funny at all. Although I was kind of mad at first, it made me think why I certainly feel like I’m a momma already (and what he is missing out on, and thus why he doesn’t “get it”). Not only do I get to carry this little one for nine months experiencing nausea, back aches, excruciating leg cramps, non-stop hunger, etc…but I also get to feel his/her kicks which are unexplainably awesome. (I probably shouldn’t be typing this at work, because I am definitely tearing up) I may not be holding his/her in my arms, but I’m definitely carrying this little one around with me at all times. I have become aware of my sometimes out-of-control road rage (probably should try to eliminate my f bombs) and lead foot because now I’m not the only one in the car, making sure I load up on nutritious food to start this baby off on the right foot, watching my every step to make sure I don’t fall, and just constantly worrying that this baby is going to be healthy. So here’s a shout out to all mothers, but also a special Happy Momma’s Day to all those anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little one(s) who are sometimes forgotten!


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