Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I think my brain might explode

The crib and dresser/changing table are finally put together and are looking good. It’s pretty crazy to think we will have a baby sleeping in the crib in just 3 short months – exciting but scary at the same time! The baby’s room will be where our current guest bedroom is, and our guest bedroom will move downstairs once it is completed. So for now, the baby’s room is kind of cramped with all the guest bedroom furniture and her furniture. However, since getting everything put together, it has definitely boosted me into the shopping mode. We still need to buy her mattress and bedding…along with about 100 other things! I’m hopping a baby shower might help with some of it. My stepmom and her neighbors want to throw us a couple’s baby shower, so I am definitely looking forward to that. Oh crap, I guess that means I should probably get to babies-r-us to register!!

John FINALLY felt her move. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever to see his face light up when he gets to be apart of this whole experience. Our friend Lerum came over later that day to help with some landscaping and John made sure to do a reenactment of her “kick” for him – picture John doing a karate move and that pretty much sums it up!

A few other thoughts that consume my brain at work revolving around baby stuff: finding a part-time babysitter (#1 stressor), pediatrician, insurance, labor and what it will really be like, what she will look like, her health, her name (we are getting close but not 100% sure yet), how much sleep I won’t be getting very soon, the amount of “baby stuff” that needs to be bought, knowing that I need to register, how uncomfortable my pants are, why in the heck my bra has become my most uncomfortable piece of clothing, breast feeding and having the joy of pumping at work (we have a “pump room,” but still definitely weird), how good a cold alcoholic drink would be, etc, etc, etc. Having a baby is an incredibly exciting time, just mix in a little scared, nervous, and anxious!

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