Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day weekend fun

We had a great weekend full of wedding festivities, bbqs, and our anniversary – exhausting, but fun! Franny’s wedding festivities started on Thursday night and the wedding was a blast even if I couldn’t drink. The dance floor was always full, which always makes for a very fun reception. However, I did learn that I am going to have to retire the heels, at least until after this baby is born. I only had my heels on for the ceremony, and I thought my calves were going to explode. It kind of felt like right before I get calf cramps in the middle of the night, so in order to avoid actually getting one in the middle of the next wedding I am in, I think I will be opting for flats! I think I will also retire the spanks – much needed to keep my growing butt in place, but the little one probably lost some circulation for a couple hours. I’ll be short, fat, but comfy for the next wedding!

Sunday we had two bbqs to go to, both of which had great food – baby Zucchelli was quite happy with that, and momma too! Maggie got to tag along for the day, which she was pretty happy about since she had to stay home by herself all day on Saturday. Our friends Cara and Steve had one of the bbqs and they also have a dog named Duke that is pretty much a black version of Maggie. They got to play their little doggie hearts out for a good two hours.

We finally got to relax a little on Monday and celebrate our 2nd anniversary. It’s great that our anniversary will sometimes fall during Memorial Day weekend. We have now made it an annual tradition to watch our wedding video. Speaking of which, if anybody is in the middle of planning a wedding (ehem…Allison), please do yourself a favor and splurge for a videographer. It is definitely worth it. Oh, and John got me golf clubs (after a few hints from me). We’re trying to stick with the “anniversary present themes” and cotton is the theme for 2nd anniversaries. I argued that the golf bag was made of cotton. I also stuck with the golf theme (and cotton), and bought John a cotton golf shirt, a cotton golf towel, and a gift card to a golf course. I have been told that prego ladies have a great golf swing, so I am going to give it a try on Friday. Being that I haven’t hit a golf ball in like 5 years, let’s hope my prego golfing abilities kick it into gear (and for the safety of all the other golfers on the course)!
(Had to post a pic of from our wedding in celebration of our anniversary)

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