Monday, June 28, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Brent McCall weekend

Another long, but definitely fun weekend for this very pregnant lady – now in my LAST trimester. Kellie Ryan is now officially Kellie McCall! The wedding festivities began for me on Friday night in Onawa, IA (about an hour north of Omaha), for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I chose comfort over gas money, so John and I drove home Friday night – I would otherwise have had to probably sleep three to a bed. Slumber parties are fun, but not when you need 5 pillows to get comfortable in your own bed! Saturday was an early start with a hair appointment at 8am in Omaha, then a rush home and back up to Onawa. Being that I drive to Lincoln for work, the drive was really pretty quick. My seamstress lady worked a miracle on my dress because she even gave me a little extra breathing room – a much needed comfort being that my lungs are already becoming smushed. I went for flats this time around, and was very happy with that decision. I didn’t have to worry about having to take an “injury time out” half way down the isle! Now that my posture is all out of whack, my back wasn’t able to handle as much dancing as bridesmaids are known for, but I think I still did my fair share because I was definitely wiped out on Sunday.

Apart from wedding news, with this third trimester has also come the dreaded swelling. I was putting on lotion one night, and noticed the inside of my ankles were gone and my feet looked a little more plump than normal. I guess I truly have an excuse now to relax and put my feet up! So far, I haven’t encountered any stretch marks, but I am sure it’s only a matter of time :( For now, I will just keep bathing myself in coco butter.

A few fun notes from the daddy angle, this little one doesn’t like to cooperate in letting John feel her move. The second John puts his hand on my belly, she stops. Well on Father’s day, I was giving John a hug after giving him his 1st Father’s day card, and she kicked him! Being that John has only felt her move a handful of times, it was a pretty funny moment. I guess it was her way of saying Happy Father’s Day. A second funny/cute moment happened in Target. I was in the dressing room trying on some much needed new clothes, and when I came out, John was nowhere in sight. I finally found him searching through baby girl clothes. Once he saw me he turned around with a big grin, holding up a pink onesie, and asked if we could get it. I couldn’t turn him down.

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