Monday, July 26, 2010

Couple’s Baby Shower…aka Baby Party!!

This last Saturday, my Dad and stepmom threw John and I a couple’s baby shower. Most of you reading this were probably there, so THANK YOU for coming and we had an awesome time (hopefully you did too). The weather cooperated and we were all able to enjoy a great night in my dad’s backyard. It was nice to have John be able to partake in a “shower” and I didn’t have to be at it by myself. For anyone not there, it was pretty much a get together of family and friends to eat, drink, socialize, and bring a baby gift. Speaking of gifts, Rylee is already getting spoiled (for anyone that doesn’t know yet, we have pretty much settled on that name!!). Her room is looking more complete, and momma’s anxiety of her not having any clothes to wear has diminished because she now has a closet full. John had a conversation with Rylee on the way to my dad’s house about how she should feel pretty special that she get’s a party and gifts before anyone has even met her. The night ended successfully as John had too much to drink, I had too much to eat, and Rylee got spoiled with gifts!

Ok, now that I have spoiled her name, I will explain the story behind it. When my little brother, Kirby, was born (I was 10 years old), his gender was a surprise until he was delivered. Everyone was convinced he was a girl and his name was going to be Rylee (not sure on the spelling). For whatever reason, the name has stuck with me for 16 years! I had mentioned the name to John once or twice even before I was pregnant, and he had always liked the name too! However, when we found out we were having a girl, I wanted to make sure I was 100% on the name we were choosing, so we tried to come up with other names. We tossed around a few, but none of them seemed to work. John started to call her Rylee, and it just stuck. Now for the spelling. After a quick internet search, I seriously found about 7 or 8 spelling variations on the name. I wrote them all down, and then after a day or two, I decided on the one I liked. I then gave the list to John for him to pick out the spelling he liked the best. Coincidently (and thankfully!), we picked the same one. So it is not a secret anymore…you can now call my belly Rylee :)

Here's a few pics from the party:

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