Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm on a roll!

I have a few more things on my baby “to do” list that I can check off. At my last stop at Babies “R” Us, I bought a breast pump. I also bought the mattress for the crib online at Babies “R” Us. I think that might be more comfortable for her than the metal bottom of a crib! I also told John that he would have to make sure the breast pump works well before I try it out, and I’m pretty sure he halfway looked at me like I was serious. He should probably not get too close to me when I use it, there may be an incidence of me suctioning one to his arm! After Babies “R” Us, I went to the mall for some much needed maternity jeans. Finally at 7 months, my prebaby jeans and the belly band were just not cutting it anymore. Although I feel like an 80 year old wearing the dang jeans past my belly button, comfort is becoming a higher priority than fashion. I guess they really don’t look that bad, they just feel a little awkward.

My stress level is also slowly coming down about finding a babysitter. We “interviewed” one last Saturday, and it went really well. Although it will be scary to leave this baby with anyone but family, I think we at least have one good one that we can trust. She has been doing in-home daycare for 14 years, and was a nanny for 10 years previous to that. We still have to meet with a few more just to be sure, but I’m feeling a little better about the situation.

I have always heard that prego ladies have the hardiest time sleeping. Up to this point, I was doing pretty good, but just in the past couple of nights, I keep waking up after about 6 hours with a horrible back ache. I have encountered this stupid pain even before being pregnant when I would sleep on a mattress that wasn’t firm, but now it won’t go away by just putting a pillow between my legs. Last night I actually got on the floor and slept with the dog! I’m pretty sure this is going to become the norm. I guess when I get up for my midsleep bathroom break, I will also be curling up with Maggie. At least she is nice and soft to cuddle with!

I think I have a previous post about my niece Samantha and her noticing my growing belly. Well being a three year old and having no sense of what is appropriate to say, she now just tells me straight up that I have a big belly (she also makes her eyes really big to emphasize). On the other hand, my nephew, Brady, who is usually ornery as ever, loves to give my belly hugs and tell the baby hi. It is seriously the cutest thing ever. He gives us a hug and pats my belly. I think it might have something to do with me telling him when he is screaming about something that this baby is going to be scarred of him when she comes out. Maybe he thinks he can make up for his screaming by giving her a hug! Whatever the case my be, it’s still cute.

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