Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welp, that’s never happened before!!

So I noticed in the last week or so that I have a leaky boob…just one. This sign was definitely a reality check that I am about to be a momma. Not that I didn’t know this before obviously, but it is a strange occurrence that I wasn’t completely prepared for – something the “girls” (I suppose “girl” in this case) have never done before. I guess that means we are getting closer to meeting Rylee!! I still can’t believe we are only about 7 weeks away!

Our house is starting to feel like a baby lives there more and more, especially after the shower. John put together Rylee’s strollers. She has a big one with actual (small) bike wheels for walks/runs – this was a necessity according to John since he goes to Lake Zorinsky with Maggie often, and a small one for the mall or whatever. The big stroller also came with a carrier, so that’s ready to go to, hanging play toys and all. I also put together her bouncer, which I think is probably the cutest baby item yet. It’s called the “My little lamb bouncer,” complete with ears and all. I can’t wait to use all of these fun items!!

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  1. Yay for the shout out for the cutest baby item yet!