Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby CrAzY weekend

As I already said in my last post, Friday we had a doctor’s appointment and found out we will be having a csection on Sept. 13, unless Rylee decides to flip around. After I got home, I got a sudden burst of energy to get some of the stuff done that I have been putting off, like getting her room organized. I think her room is pretty much complete…pictures to come :) Oh, I also forgot to mention in the last post, getting your cervix checked is not a pleasant experience. Things are a little more “sensitive” down there. Not that I ever thought it would be a pleasant or fun experience, but it’s definitely an uncomfortable procedure.

Then on Saturday, John and I had the “joy” of attending an all day childbirth class (8:15am – 4:30pm!). It wasn’t actually too bad, it just got a little long towards the end. We learned some relaxation techniques, and some “positions” to get into to help during contractions. Being that I will likely be having a csection, I tried to stay interested, but my attention span was getting very low. We also got a little better understanding of what to expect during labor (regular and csection), we learned hospital procedures and what to expect during our stay, as well as a hospital tour. The hospital was awesome, it actually didn’t even look like a hospital inside. This was a very good thing for me because hospitals make me very anxious. I used to not even be able to walk into a hospital without feeling like I was going to pass out! I have got better, but it was definitely nice to know I would be staying at a pretty nice place during my stay. Needless to say, I was pretty much exhausted by the time we made it home.

Sunday also ended with more baby time, but it was a little more fun than the previous two days. My friends threw me and Rylee another baby shower. It was small and relaxed – just what Rylee and I needed to end our weekend. She accumulated even more needed items and clothes, and momma once again got to eat good food – another successful shower!

Friday, August 20, 2010

1st weekly doctor’s appointment

I just got back from my 1st weekly doctor’s appointment and we found out that little miss Rylee is breeched (her butt is down). Soooo, I am scheduled for a csection bright and early on September 13, unless she decides to turn on her own. My doctor asked if I wanted to have her try to turn the baby, but she wasn’t very confident that it would even work because my amniotic fluid is a little low (which makes it harder for the procedure to work). I have heard that this is not a pleasant experience, so I opted to schedule the csection. I am not thrilled about this idea, but as long as Rylee makes it into this world safe, I guess I will do what I have to do! I can’t believe we will be meeting this little one in about 3 weeks! Oh, and I am about 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced (the area between my cervix and uterus is shortening for those who don’t know what effacement means).

I would be lying if I said I am not a little happy that she will be making her appearance sooner than her due date because I am starting to get exhausted. I would suggest not trying to have a conversation with me past about 4pm or you might run the risk of listening to jibberish! Between “pregnancy brain” and being ridiculously tired, I know there have been times John has looked at me a little funny questioning my reasoning!!

Rylee also had a rude awakening one morning this week. There was a spider in the bathroom as I was getting ready for work and it was too high up for me to reach, so I needed to get a fly swatter. As I made my way from our bedroom to the kitchen in the pitch black, I mistakenly turned a corner too soon and ran right into the wall. Being that my belly sticks out quite a bit farther than the rest of me, Rylee took most of the impact. My face was spared, but I don’t think Rylee appreciated it too much! Another shower for Rylee this weekend, so something to look forward too!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Randomness at work...

So I work for the federal government, and for those who have heard me talk about some of the people I work with, there are quite a few interesting characters. Just some background information, I had to go through an extensive background check, but I never had to have a formal interview (and neither did anyone else I work with). In other words, everyone that I work with was hired based on their resume and having a clean criminal history (for the most part). Because no one had to go through the interview process, A LOT of my fellow employees either have no social skills, or their social skills are slightly “off.” Now to my story…I was just getting to work and walking to our break room to put my lunch in the refrigerator, when I walk by and older guy and a lady having a conversation in the hallway. I have seen both of them before, but I didn’t know either one of them. Right as I go to pass them, the guys say, “that lady is with child.” My reaction, WTF!!!!! I was going to stop, but I thought I might say something I shouldn’t, so I just kept walking and acted like I didn’t hear anything. Honestly, who the f$*k says something like that out loud!!! Maybe I am just getting irritable, but seriously, nothing ceases to amaze me about the people I work with anymore…

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Perks to being Pregnant

It seems like most (not all, but most) women complain about numerous things while pregnant ranging from the aches and pains to the numerous bathroom breaks. I have definitely done my fair share of complaining, but I thought I would share a few of the perks that I have experienced being prego:

- I tan a lot faster (pregnant women have more melanin in their skin than
- My hair and nails are super strong and grow way faster
- For whatever reason, while the hair on my head grows faster, the hair on my
legs grows way slower, which equals a lot less shaving
- The “girls” have grown a cup size
- I have a legitimate excuse to consume more calories
- I get out of having to do manual labor like yard work
- I get more back rubs than normal
- I have a legitimate excuse to buy new clothes
- People at work are always letting me know when there is yummy food around
- I get front row parking at certain places (even at work :) for expectant mothers
- I get to take a long “vacation” from work

Although I would not consider myself one of those ladies that just loves being pregnant, I try to remind myself of these positives when I find myself wanting this baby out!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Check….and check again!!

I love getting things checked off my “baby to-do list”!! It makes me much less anxious and just more excited to meet Rylee. We signed a contract with our babysitter (the one discussed in a previous post) and we picked our pediatrician. My friend Franny (who was also featured in a previous post because of her wedding :) started her residency as a pediatrician and visits the clinic where our pediatrician is at. Hopefully on one of our many doctor visits, Rylee will also get to see her!! Although we haven’t met him yet, if anyone is looking for a pediatrician, his name is Dr. Francis Harrison.

Up to last Friday, the only piece of bedding we had for Rylee’s crib was the bumper. So last Friday, I made a trip to Babies R Us and bought a set of sheets, a mattress pad, and a sheet saver (basically a soft piece of material that Rylee will lay on in the crib, and if she has an accident, only the sheet saver will have to be washed – in theory at least). I had a bunch of 20% off coupons, so I splurged and bought her pack and play too! I have since washed all of her bedding and new clothes she received from the shower. They are all now hanging in her closet and ready to be worn. I also put her crib together with the new bedding, so that is ready for her also. I swear putting the sheet on a crib mattress is ten times harder than on a normal bed! I also took a few things back to target from the shower, and together with the gift cards we received from target, I bought Rylee a bath tub and a bumbo! Her bathtub can fit into the kitchen sink, which I am sure her first bath will be quite the experience for John and I. During this fun baby buying spree of mine, I forgot to mention it was also 95 degrees outside with the humidity through the roof. Needless to say I was a hot mess. I also stopped at Walmart on my way home, and I’m pretty sure my warmer than usual pregnancy temperature has kicked in because I could not stop sweating walking through the store. I definitely looked like your typical prego lady standing in the baby isle fanning myself off so I at least wasn’t dripping sweat!

This is completely unrelated, but I just wanted to make a quick “shout out” to John. I realized at my last doctor’s appointment (also last Friday), that he has gone to every single one. I was kind of waiting for him to say at some point that it wasn’t necessary for him to be there, especially after the gazilenth one and all they do is measure my belly and record the baby’s heartbeat. He, however, has surprised me and hasn’t once made an excuse to not go. I just tell him when the appointment is and he jumps in the car and takes momma and Rylee. Maybe it’s because we usually go out to lunch afterwards…. :o)