Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby CrAzY weekend

As I already said in my last post, Friday we had a doctor’s appointment and found out we will be having a csection on Sept. 13, unless Rylee decides to flip around. After I got home, I got a sudden burst of energy to get some of the stuff done that I have been putting off, like getting her room organized. I think her room is pretty much complete…pictures to come :) Oh, I also forgot to mention in the last post, getting your cervix checked is not a pleasant experience. Things are a little more “sensitive” down there. Not that I ever thought it would be a pleasant or fun experience, but it’s definitely an uncomfortable procedure.

Then on Saturday, John and I had the “joy” of attending an all day childbirth class (8:15am – 4:30pm!). It wasn’t actually too bad, it just got a little long towards the end. We learned some relaxation techniques, and some “positions” to get into to help during contractions. Being that I will likely be having a csection, I tried to stay interested, but my attention span was getting very low. We also got a little better understanding of what to expect during labor (regular and csection), we learned hospital procedures and what to expect during our stay, as well as a hospital tour. The hospital was awesome, it actually didn’t even look like a hospital inside. This was a very good thing for me because hospitals make me very anxious. I used to not even be able to walk into a hospital without feeling like I was going to pass out! I have got better, but it was definitely nice to know I would be staying at a pretty nice place during my stay. Needless to say, I was pretty much exhausted by the time we made it home.

Sunday also ended with more baby time, but it was a little more fun than the previous two days. My friends threw me and Rylee another baby shower. It was small and relaxed – just what Rylee and I needed to end our weekend. She accumulated even more needed items and clothes, and momma once again got to eat good food – another successful shower!

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