Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Check….and check again!!

I love getting things checked off my “baby to-do list”!! It makes me much less anxious and just more excited to meet Rylee. We signed a contract with our babysitter (the one discussed in a previous post) and we picked our pediatrician. My friend Franny (who was also featured in a previous post because of her wedding :) started her residency as a pediatrician and visits the clinic where our pediatrician is at. Hopefully on one of our many doctor visits, Rylee will also get to see her!! Although we haven’t met him yet, if anyone is looking for a pediatrician, his name is Dr. Francis Harrison.

Up to last Friday, the only piece of bedding we had for Rylee’s crib was the bumper. So last Friday, I made a trip to Babies R Us and bought a set of sheets, a mattress pad, and a sheet saver (basically a soft piece of material that Rylee will lay on in the crib, and if she has an accident, only the sheet saver will have to be washed – in theory at least). I had a bunch of 20% off coupons, so I splurged and bought her pack and play too! I have since washed all of her bedding and new clothes she received from the shower. They are all now hanging in her closet and ready to be worn. I also put her crib together with the new bedding, so that is ready for her also. I swear putting the sheet on a crib mattress is ten times harder than on a normal bed! I also took a few things back to target from the shower, and together with the gift cards we received from target, I bought Rylee a bath tub and a bumbo! Her bathtub can fit into the kitchen sink, which I am sure her first bath will be quite the experience for John and I. During this fun baby buying spree of mine, I forgot to mention it was also 95 degrees outside with the humidity through the roof. Needless to say I was a hot mess. I also stopped at Walmart on my way home, and I’m pretty sure my warmer than usual pregnancy temperature has kicked in because I could not stop sweating walking through the store. I definitely looked like your typical prego lady standing in the baby isle fanning myself off so I at least wasn’t dripping sweat!

This is completely unrelated, but I just wanted to make a quick “shout out” to John. I realized at my last doctor’s appointment (also last Friday), that he has gone to every single one. I was kind of waiting for him to say at some point that it wasn’t necessary for him to be there, especially after the gazilenth one and all they do is measure my belly and record the baby’s heartbeat. He, however, has surprised me and hasn’t once made an excuse to not go. I just tell him when the appointment is and he jumps in the car and takes momma and Rylee. Maybe it’s because we usually go out to lunch afterwards…. :o)

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