Monday, August 9, 2010

Randomness at work...

So I work for the federal government, and for those who have heard me talk about some of the people I work with, there are quite a few interesting characters. Just some background information, I had to go through an extensive background check, but I never had to have a formal interview (and neither did anyone else I work with). In other words, everyone that I work with was hired based on their resume and having a clean criminal history (for the most part). Because no one had to go through the interview process, A LOT of my fellow employees either have no social skills, or their social skills are slightly “off.” Now to my story…I was just getting to work and walking to our break room to put my lunch in the refrigerator, when I walk by and older guy and a lady having a conversation in the hallway. I have seen both of them before, but I didn’t know either one of them. Right as I go to pass them, the guys say, “that lady is with child.” My reaction, WTF!!!!! I was going to stop, but I thought I might say something I shouldn’t, so I just kept walking and acted like I didn’t hear anything. Honestly, who the f$*k says something like that out loud!!! Maybe I am just getting irritable, but seriously, nothing ceases to amaze me about the people I work with anymore…

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