Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 more days of work!!

I think we are all set to bring this little one home. After a long Labor Day weekend, I was able to get everything checked off of my “to do” list. Friday night, I bought the rest of our needed registry items at babiesrus. We got a 15% off coupon to buy anything not bought off the registry, so that was saved us a little bit. Both of the car seat bases are installed in the cars. And lastly, I packed our hospital bags – Rylee and mine that is, John’s will probably get packed at 5am next Monday morning before we are headed to the hospital knowing him! This weekend I was also on the hunt for the baby head bands with the big flowers on them – which I finally found at this super cute store call the “Chick Market.” I am super excited to use them all! During my “hunt,” I started to also look at Halloween costumes – how could I not, they were so darn cute in infant sizes. We are going to have a little ladybug on our hands this Halloween. I ended up getting the costume at Target because it was the only place I could find one that I think is small enough. Target actually even had newborn sizes, but I bought the next size up since she better weigh more than 8lbs by Halloween. The last purchase of the weekend was a new camcorder. I am not much of a camera woman, so John will be in charge of this new toy. Oh, and I am quite proud of myself for getting her scrap book started. I got a few pages done last night, I just need to print off some pictures from the showers. Once those pages are done, it should be up-to-date (we’ll see how well that goes after Rylee gets here).

Note to all pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant women out there, it is probably not a good idea to go on a 3 mile walk when you are 38 plus weeks pregnant. John and I took Maggie for a walk at Lake Zorinsky and I thought I wouldn’t have a problem. I take Maggie for 2 mile walks by myself, it was pretty cool outside, and there were no hills. I honestly didn’t feel too bad, but my hands started to swell like crazy. By the time we got to the end, my fingers looked like fat sausages. They were actually so bad, I couldn’t even make a fist. They went down after we got home, but it was definitely a weird feeling. Thankfully I didn’t have my ring on, or my ring finger would probably have started to turn blue!

AND for the most exciting news (at least for me), I only have 3 more days of work…AND…John and I get to meet the newest member of our family in LESS THAN A WEEK!!

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