Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rylee Ann is here!!

Rylee Ann Zucchelli made her appearance on September 13th, 2010 at 7:42am weighing 6lbs 3oz and 18.5in long. She is healthy as can be and as cute as ever! I still can’t believe she is here and that John and I have a daughter, but I can’t picture our lives without her now. Every complaint during the pregnancy was totally worth it in the end. There is so much I could say I don’t even know where to begin, so I will start with going to the hospital. The csection was scheduled for 7:15am and we had to be at Methodist at 5:45am. It was definitely an early morning waking up at 4:30. I surprising slept decently. After arriving at the hospital, we were immediately escorted to my pre-op room and I put on the hospital gown. I was hooked up to an IV and then mostly waited for 7:15 to roll around. I actually walked to the OR with the help of the nurse. It was a little scary when we got to the room, pretty much like the movies. It was freezing, big lights above, nurses and my doctors scuffling around, and “the table.” Once I got there, my anesthesiologist got things going pretty quick (he was awesome through the whole thing since he was the one at my head letting me know everything was going good). I sat on the table, he administered my spinal block, and my body was numb from waist down in a matter of minutes. I thought the spinal block was going to be painful (they were inserting a needle into my spine!) but I actually only felt the poke of the first needle that administered a numbing agent so the big needle didn’t hurt (I won’t let John tell me how big the needle actually was!).

Once the procedure got started, Rylee was out in probably 5-10 mins and then it took another 30 mins or so to stitch me back up. I thought the procedure was going to be a lot worse than it was, but I think since Rylee came out so fast, I had something to preoccupy my mind. John and I immediately broke down the minute we heard her cry, it was an amazing moment. John did awesome through the whole thing holding my hand and making sure not to give me ANY details…that is until my doctor suddenly says, “Wow, look at her uterus.” She said it in an interesting way not in a scary way so I wasn’t alarmed, but apparently I have a deformed uterus. When my uterus was developing in my mom's belly, one half of it didn’t develop all the way, so I pretty much only have half a uterus-crazy that God still allowed us to have a healthy 6lb baby!

After the procedure was over, we went back to the pre-op room, I guess it then became the recovery room, for about an hour or so. Rylee got a shot of vitamin K and the start of her hepatitis B vaccine right away, and they tested her blood sugar levels. Her blood sugar was a little low, so they tried to get me to nurse, but she wouldn’t latch on (and I was still a little out of it AND still numb from about the waist down). She drank a little formula and that brought her sugar levels right up. Not too much later, we were then taken up to our regular room where we spent the next 3 days.

To make it quick, our hospital stay was as good as it could be. The hospital had more of a hotel feel and we loved our day and night nurses (minus my last day nurse). We had the same nurses the entire time which helped to feel more comfortable. I suppose I did get one male (and very gay) student nurse, but he wasn’t too bad. I am just not incredibly comfortable with a guy looking at my lady parts – however, he didn’t do much of that, mostly just took my temp and blood pressure. My last day nurse (which should have also been my last nurse) was a freakin idiot. She was super nice, but also super dingy. I think she was even pissing off the other nurses. And lucky us, she was also the one to discharge us. To make a long story short, my doctor came in at 8am Wednesday morning and said I could be discharged that evening. This stupid nurse had until 7pm (when her shift was over) to get us out of there. I’m pretty sure she waited until 6:55pm to get the discharge process started. We finally made it out of the hospital at about 9pm (Rylee had been patiently waiting in her car seat since about 7:30)!

Since leaving the hosptial, I have recovered surprising well. I had the csection on Monday morning, and on Friday, John and I went for a walk at Lake Zorinsky with Rylee and the dog. Rylee is a little jaundice, so I figured a little sunlight would be good for her. I think me staying active the whole pregnancy has helped in my recovery. My doctor said my muscles looked really good and that I should heal quickly. Yesterdy, I was even able to do a 2 mile walk and then I came home and pulled weeds! I can honeslty say I am not a bit sad I missed out on the normal birthing process. I had a worse experience (and definitely more painful experience) when I had my wisdome teeth pulled. So not that I am endorsing having a csection, but there will be no complaints from my end if my next child is born that way again!

Here’s a few pictures of miss Rylee when she was 7 days old (Kirsten Masker did an amazing job!):

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