Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The waiting game…

We had another doctor’s appointment last Friday, and much to my surprise, I didn’t have to have my cervix checked since I will be having a csection! I was quite thrilled by this news. I guess there are a few perks to having a csection. I have now started counting down the days I have left of work – 4 ½ days in the office and 1 work at home day at this moment. The chances are slimming that I would have to use my standby driver at work who would have to drive me from Lincoln to Omaha in case something happened. After the last shower, I finally finished Rylee’s laundry, so her clothes are clean and ready for her. I need to finish packing Rylee’s bag and my bag for the hospital, as well as get the car seat ready to go this weekend, and we will be set for the 13th!! Because of the wonderful invention of facebook, there were several other ladies who were/are due around the same time as me, and I learned this morning that we had our first arrival. I am definitely blaming it on prego hormones, but I honestly almost started tearing up at work when I learned the news because it made me so excited to meet our little one and see what she looks like. John gives me an updated countdown every day, and it’s crazy how close we are to meeting her. I have a breastfeeding class on Thursday night, which I am not necessary looking forward to, but I am sure I will learn something! Only 12 more days – come on belly skin, I don’t have any stretch marks yet, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t make an appearance (my skin is just a little red on my hips when I get out of the shower - I assume some form of stretch marks but nothing dramatic)!!

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