Thursday, May 27, 2010

Growing belly

It’s almost time for the first wedding that I am in this weekend and the dress still fits, barely! I can zip it all the way, but the hook at the top of the zipper is pretty tight. I figure if it’s too tight, I just won’t latch it and call it good. I wish I could say the same about the second bridesmaid dress I have to fit in at the end of June (the one from a previous post that I think I said I might look like a certain vegetable in). I tried it on and the zipper wouldn’t make it. I thought maybe I just couldn’t reach it and John could get it up, but I had no such luck. That zipper wasn’t going anywhere. So I brought it to my wonderful seamstress Karen with desperation that she could do something to the dress so I could fit into it with the thought always in the back of my head that I would have to break down and buy a bigger dress. To my surprise, she thought it wouldn’t be a problem to make it a little bigger!! I was slightly ecstatic to say the least - $30 for alterations versus $135 for another dress. Hopefully this little girl won’t grow too much in the next month!

Speaking of this baby growing, I’m pretty sure she has growth spurts. There are weeks that I swear she all of a sudden gains weight because it feels like my abs (and the rest of my insides) are stretching – think of the feeling when you eat to much. Also, she is moving a heck of a lot more than before, and stronger movements as well. The movements can now be felt on the outside, but I think she goes to into hibernation on the weekends because John still hasn’t felt her. At work, on the other hand, I even saw my belly moving, which was kind of funny and weird at the same time. Hopefully with the long weekend ahead, she will get confused on Monday and let John feel her moving around :)

FYI – I learned from our last dr’s appointment that we have all drank our pee at one point in our lives. Babies drink the amniotic fluid to get used to swallowing, and yes, they also pee in there (I guess it has to go somewhere). Obviously their next gulp isn’t going to only be amniotic fluid. I was assured that our pee is sterile, so if you ever get stuck in the dessert, don’t be afraid to drink your own pee if you get a little thirsty and there isn’t any water around.

P.S. – I now have tan baby bump. I laid out to at least get a little sun for the upcoming wedding, and a tan belly is much better looking than a pale one! No worries, I drank LOTS of water and took many breaks so I wouldn’t get too hot.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's a girl!!

Well the big day finally came; John and I are having a little girl and could not be happier!! I was completely wrong in guessing, but I am just completely overjoyed that our baby is healthy. The morning of the appointment started off like any other, but it was pretty obvious we were both anxious to get to the doctor’s office to find out what we were having. The ultrasound tech called us back, and off we went to find out what was swimming inside my belly. John asked me one last time what I thought we we’re having, I of course said a boy. John then said, “Well ask me what you think I think we’re having,” (rather than just telling me, I actually had to ask him). He guessed a girl, and a few minutes later, we found out I was very wrong and John was very right!! Even though we didn’t have a 3-D ultrasound, it was still awesome to see. For whatever reason, I guess she felt completely comfortable with her legs all the way above her head, because she never moved from that position. Imagine her looking like she was touching her toes. We also got to see her heart, brain, kidneys, bladder, etc, which was more than I expected. We got the okay that everything was looking good so far, which was a huge relief. The front views of her face were a little scary looking because the picture mostly looked like a skeleton. I always thought people were crazy when they said their baby was cute from the ultrasound pics, but after seeing her profile picture with her legs above her head (even crossed above her head at times), I can honestly say I am now one of those people. She had a little button nose, and it almost looked like she was smiling (maybe nobody else would see that, but I’m her momma, I have to too)! I told Maggie that she was going to have a little sister when we got home, and that girls were officially taking over the house.

Although this is completely unrelated to baby news, it’s kind of funny, so I think it’s worth mentioning. So we are finally getting started on finishing our basement, which I cannot WAIT to have done. My dad is doing most, if not all of it, and John is following instructions. I was upstairs during the first day of “construction,” but I could hear every conversation taking place in our basement. It was mostly, John do this, John do that, but at one point, I heard my dad say, “who measured that one??” Although I couldn’t see what was going on, I assumed John didn’t make the right measurement on a board that needed to be cut. Later on I found out I was right. Apparently he was short on one measurement, but according to John, it wasn’t that big of a deal – let’s hope so! I guess that’s the start to many more Saturday’s of John and father-in-law bonding time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zucchelli family = bad news for the U.S.???

Random thought....I was born on Pearl Harbor Day, John and I's dating anniversary was on the day of the Oklahoma City bombing, wouldn't it be a coincident if this baby was born on September 11. Maybe this means the Zucchelli family needs to move out of the country....

Monday, May 10, 2010

My 1st Mother's Day

Welp, I attended my first bachelorette party sober for my good friend Franny. It was a lot of fun, but definitely a different experience going to a gay club pregnant and stone cold sober! Another one of the bridesmaids is pregnant too, so I wasn’t the only one. There was a ton of great food, though, so I made up my beer calories with food calories – I think baby was happy about that! Oh, another fun fact, each bridesmaid was in charge of something for the party, mine ironically was the beer. It was kind of funny walking down the street to the house visibly pregnant with two cases of beer in hand! I have another bachelorette party in June; I might have to bring a six pack of O’Doul’s!

This past weekend I also got to experience my first mother’s day! It didn’t start off so good when John thought it would be funny to tell me, “Happy Mother’s Day even though you’re not really a mom yet.” Ha ha John, not funny, not funny at all. Although I was kind of mad at first, it made me think why I certainly feel like I’m a momma already (and what he is missing out on, and thus why he doesn’t “get it”). Not only do I get to carry this little one for nine months experiencing nausea, back aches, excruciating leg cramps, non-stop hunger, etc…but I also get to feel his/her kicks which are unexplainably awesome. (I probably shouldn’t be typing this at work, because I am definitely tearing up) I may not be holding his/her in my arms, but I’m definitely carrying this little one around with me at all times. I have become aware of my sometimes out-of-control road rage (probably should try to eliminate my f bombs) and lead foot because now I’m not the only one in the car, making sure I load up on nutritious food to start this baby off on the right foot, watching my every step to make sure I don’t fall, and just constantly worrying that this baby is going to be healthy. So here’s a shout out to all mothers, but also a special Happy Momma’s Day to all those anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little one(s) who are sometimes forgotten!