Thursday, April 21, 2011

Army Crawling Machine and HAPPY EASTER!

Happy 7 Months to Rylee!!  Her 7 month birthday was actually last week, but better late than never, right?  Man how time flies.  It didn’t seem like Rylee was getting that old until she hit 6 months, and now 7 months?!?!?  Sometimes I wish I could hit a pause button so I can enjoy her at this age just a little bit longer.  She does the funniest things and is just so darn cuddly.  She doesn’t giggle often, but when she does, it melts my heart and makes me laugh every time.

This past week, she can now sit up on her own AND she is on the move.  She has been able to “scoot” for probably the last month or so, but she is all over the place.  She is doing a full blown army crawl now.  If she see’s something she wants, she is determined to get it.  Unfortunately, it is usually not her own toys.  Her three favorite items are the remote, my phone, and….Maggie’s (our dog) rubber bone.  I can't believe I am admitting this, but I have now caught her twice with Maggie’s rubber bone, chewing on it nonetheless – GROSS, I know (I hope it’s true that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans)!  I swear I will throw the darn thing out of reach, but while I am not looking, Maggie will go get it and bring it within Rylee’s reach.  I have even seen Maggie try to toss Rylee her toys hoping that Rylee will play back.  Those two are funny to watch because they both want to play with each other, but with completely different intentions!  I have now started to keep a really close eye on the two of them.  Well, here is a little video of Rylee going after the remote:

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