Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We have a walker!!

Rylee took her first steps exactly on her 13 month birthday.  She has now mastered the skill during the past couple weeks.  Very rarely does she ever crawl now that she knows it is much faster to walk!  She is also slowly getting the hang of feeding herself.  If we put a piece of food on her fork, she won’t even let us feed her anymore.  SHE has to do it!  Another new “trick” she is fascinated with.  We are also finally getting her to drink her milk out of a sippy cup.  She would drink water out of it, but the second we tried to give her milk through the sippy cup, she wouldn’t drink anymore.  Silly girl!

Since John is home with Rylee during the day, he takes her to the “kid zone” at the gym.  She seems to love it.  There are a few older girls that are always there when she goes and they like to draw, so Rylee of course wants to do what they are doing.  We now have Rylee’s first artwork hanging on our fridge.  We are definitely going to have to invest in a few coloring books now.

And of course, HALLOWEEN!  Rylee was a cupcake and she was so stinkin cute.  I added a few jewels to the costume to spice it up.  She kept finding her costume laying around, so by the time we got to Halloween, she was excited to put it on.  She even kept bringing me her hat to put on!  We didn’t do the door to door trick-or-treating, but we did stop by my friend Andrea’s parents’ house and my dad’s house.  Next year will be a lot of fun going through the neighborhood with her.


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