Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tennessee Trip

We made it through our first family vacation with Rylee!  Over Thanksgiving, we traveled to Tennessee to enjoy thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family and to celebrate my Grandma’s 80th birthday.  I was a little nervous about this trip because it was Rylee’s first airplane ride, and once we got there, I wasn’t sure how well she was going to sleep.  We flew out of Kansas City (it was cheaper and there is a direct flight to Nashville), so Rylee got a nap in before we boarded the plane.  Now that she is walking, she does NOT like to be held for very long, but she did great on the way there.  She ate her lunch on the plane and we just had to keep rotating activities to keep her busy! 
Rylee has never slept in a pack-and-play, but she did a lot better than I expected.  Her nap schedule was a little off, but by the time we left, she was back to her normal schedule for the most part.  She even surprised me by sleeping through the night most nights J  We were all in the same room so it was kind of funny to wake up to her peering over the pack-and-play and yelling at us to get up!  While we were there, we got a generation picture of my Grandma, my mom, me and Rylee.  Rylee also got to get her picture taken with all of my Grandma’s great grandchildren (a present to my Grandma for her birthday).  Rylee even got to experience her first limo ride.  We surprised my Grandma Thanksgiving night with a limo ride that took us to the Opryland Hotel.  I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, so it was fun to go see it again.  This is not your normal hotel either.  It has about 7 different wings and a “river” that runs through it!  You can even take a boat ride on the river.  Oh, and Santa was there!  John actually let Rylee go meet him this year.  Last year he wouldn’t let me take her to go see Santa because he thought all Santa’s were pedophiles.  Ironically, there was a news story last year after he told me this about a Santa who was actually a pedophile so I thought Rylee was never going to get to see him!  I guess this Santa looked harmless, although, Rylee did not want to have anything to do with him!  Oh well, maybe next year.
Unfortunately, the plane ride home wasn’t as smooth as the ride there.  We had to wake Rylee up early to catch the plane, so she was already tired.  She did pretty well for the first half, but she started to get really restless.  She literally screamed for the last 20 minutes.  She was crying so hard she gagged at one point and I thought we were going to actually have to use the barf bag.  THANK GOD that didn’t happen!  Once we landed, she was totally fine, so I am guessing her ears were bothering her (and she was overly tired).  Once we made it to our car, she passed out and slept the whole ride home.
I put up our Christmas tree when we got home and Rylee is actually doing really well with it.  She touches the ornaments occasionally, but for the most part, she leaves it alone.  I am getting more excited for Christmas to get here, I LOVE this time of year.   Now with Rylee here, it’s even better!!  I love that we get to play Santa J

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