Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BuSy MeMoRiAl DaY WeEkEnD!!

Let’s see where to begin…I actually got to catch up on Rylee's scrapbook on Saturday afternoon.  I honestly can't believe I am up to date on that thing! Saturday night we went over to some friend’s of ours house for a bbq.  We had yummy food and got to play my favorite game, Catch Phrase of course!  I think that last phrase just aged me by about 20 years, I now enjoy playing games and going to bed by 11:30pm on the weekends :)  Hey, at least we were all drinking margaritas and playing Catch Phrase!  Sunday night we invited ourselves over to my dad’s house for a fish fry.  He was frying up some fish for friends and I happened to call earlier in the day and found out about it!  I wasn’t going to pass up another great meal.  Again, though, we were home by about 10pm so we could get Rylee to bed (and I wasn’t far behind her).  And then we were invited to another bbq Monday afternoon, so we got to end the weekend with some more great food!  Rylee and I laid in the grass on a blanket and watched John and his friends play bean bags.  Rylee wasn’t so sure of the grass, which made it easy on me because she wouldn’t leave the blanket and I didn’t have to chase her.  She would get to the very edge of the blanket and touch the grass, but she didn’t dare to crawl into it!

I think I say this in every post, but Rylee is growing so stinkin fast!  She is almost 9 months now!  She now has 3 teeth, the two bottom ones and one of the top ones.  Her other top tooth should be poking through any day, so for now, she looks kind of silly with her one tooth on top (she is cute no matter what though even if she has only one goofy tooth on top)!  She still isn’t really crawling yet (still arming crawling everywhere).  She can get in the crawling position and will move on all fours every once in a while, but when she really wants to get somewhere, she just army crawls.  She can however get into a push-up/plank position pretty easily, don’t ask me where she learned to do that!  She is going to have some strong shoulders and abs pretty soon, though, if she keeps it up. She is also starting to pull herself up.  Whenever I am eating in the living room, I usually eat on the floor (so I can play and eat at the same time:) and she crawls over to me, pulls herself up on my arm, and then just stares at me until I give her a bite!  Between her and Maggie begging, I don’t know what I am going to do with the two of them.

Lastly, HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY to John and I today!  I love that we always get to have a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary.  John took the night off of work, so I can’t wait to get home from work and eat another great meal and hang out with my little family!

                          Rylee rockin her shades during a walk!!