Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rylee's New Skills

So Rylee has started to do a whole bunch of new things.  She has been pulling her self up on everything for probably the last month, but just in the past week or two, she is starting to also walk along stuff that she is holding on to.  I am guessing it won’t be long before she is walking on her own!  It is kind of bittersweet because I am excited to see her start to walk, but that also means she is growing up L 

Just this past week, Rylee has also started to clap.  Every time I say, “Yay Rylee,” and clap, she just laughs and claps too!  She also claps when we play “patty cake.”  Yesterday when John was home with her, the Ellen show came on, and for those that watch it, Rylee started to dance when Ellen dances at the beginning of the show.  I guess she was in a crawling position and started to rock back and forth while watching the TV.  After she was done, she then clapped!  I wish I could have seen that!!  John and I have also been trying to teach her to wave, and just in the last couple of days, I think she is finally catching on.  When she is across the room at her, I try to always wave to her and say “hi Rylee.”  She FINALLY did it back to me J  John sent me a text today and said she waved at Maggie (her best doggie friend).  Speaking of Maggie, Rylee and Maggie get funnier everyday.  Rylee loves it when Maggie pounces around the house playing with her toys.  She thinks it is hilarious.  For awhile, Rylee would even crawl around the house with toys in her mouth like Maggie.  Our babysitter seriously thought Rylee got that from our dog.  And I STILL have to keep an eye out for Maggie’s toys because Rylee thinks she can chew on them too!

Lastly, Rylee decided yesterday that she no longer likes her oatmeal.  It is kind of her “staple” food for breakfast and lunch, so we are now in a scramble to come up with a new meal plan for her.  She seems to like toast, so that is going well.  John also scrambled up some egg yolks for her and she seemed to like those too!  Yes, John actually separated the eggs because the doctor told us she shouldn’t have egg whites until she is one.  Super daddy, let me tell you J  This weekend I think I might make some mini pancakes and freeze them.  She also seems to like yogurt, so now she is getting a variety for breakfast and lunch.

I am busy planning Rylee’s 1st birthday party and can’t wait, well sort of.  I can’t wait for the party, but I wish she could stay this age for just a little bit longer!

Here’s a little video of Rylee showing off how she can open and close doors and then clapping at herself: