Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Rylee-Roo-Bug!!

Rylee’s FIRST birthday party went GREAT!!  We had awesome food and a great turn out.  Rylee’s closet is now full again with super cute clothes and she got some new fun toys too.  I think her favorite one, though, was a set of rings.  She has already mastered getting each ring on the stick, now we have to try to get her to put them on in order J  Oh, and the cake of course!  Unfortunately, Rylee didn’t provide much entertainment.  Once she got her hands covered in frosting, she pretty much stopped and didn’t know what to do.  I gave her a small piece of cake to eat and she almost choked on it, so thankfully, she didn’t throw up while everyone was watching (because that’s usually what happens if she tries to swallow something before chewing it up)!!

On her actually birthday, John and I took her to the park to swing in the morning (she LOVES to swing), and then headed to the zoo in the afternoon.  It was a perfect day and there was hardly anybody there, so we got all the animals to ourselves.  We tried the cake thing again after dinner, and this time she did actually puke!!  She found a small piece of candy on her gigantic cupcake and gagged on it…at least it only happened in the presence of mom and dad J

Although it is kind of bittersweet for our baby to turn 1, I was thrilled that I could finally be done pumping.  I am so happy that I was able to give her breast milk for a whole year, but honestly, I did a happy dance the first time I was able to pour Rylee’s milk straight from a jug in the fridge!!  I am FREE from that dang pump…well at least until the next one comes.

Rylee now has eight teeth and I just bought her some apple banana toothpaste yesterday to keep her pearly whites clean.  I had just been brushing her teeth with a finger toothbrush, but she has kind of been getting stinky breath lately so toothpaste it is!  So far so good…

And lastly, Rylee has mastered saying, no no!  Well, it’s more like, naah naaaah…but she seems to be using in the right context, so now I have been trying to teach her to say “yes” J  She is usually yelling at our dog Maggie for not playing tug of war right (Maggie doesn’t let go when Rylee wants her too), so it’s hard not to laugh when she says it!

Hopefully it won’t be so long for me to post again, we have just had a busy month and a half!

P.S. I almost forgot, Rylee also got her first hair cut and she did so good!!