Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy 18 Month Birthday to Rylee and MEXICO!

First off, Happy 18 Months little miss Rylee!!  You surprise me everyday with something new and I think I love you more and more each day for it!! 

And now to our Cozumel trip…

Tequila, oh how you get me every time J  Mexico was just what we all needed.  It gave John and I some time to take a little break to just be a couple again and it gave Rylee a break from us!  As I expected, Grandma spoiled her rotten.  Rylee never cries when we leave her, but when Grandma had to leave, there were some tears shed!  We had an absolute blast while in Cozumel, and it was so much fun to be able to share the experience some great friends.  Some highlights of the trip were tequila shots (of course), zip lining, swimming in an underground cave, snorkeling, getting stung by a jellyfish, touring Cozumel in a jeep, enjoying the humidity, and just relaxing by the beach.  There was a bunch more to our trip that I will outline below (mostly just so I can remember what we did), but I figured I’d give you some highlights if you don’t want to read the play-by-play below.

As I already mentioned, Rylee did great while we were gone.  Grandma had the schedule down by the time we got back.  I joked with her that she did such a good job, that she should just become our nanny!  Deep down, I knew Rylee would do just fine while we were gone because she loves being with her Grandma Sherry.  I think I was just more nervous to be away from her for so long.  I actually did better than I thought I was going to do, but I’m sure those tequila shots helped some too!  Maybe I will be okay leaving Rylee at Grandma’s house for a night here and there now J  When we came back, Rylee learned how to shake her head “no” (not like she doesn’t know how to tell us “no” in enough ways already)!  It is pretty cute though.  Oh, and she has also perfected saying “Elmo.”  If she wasn’t addicted to Sesame Street before we left, she definitely is after my mom had her!

Here's an outline of our tip:

Day 1 (Sunday):
·         Woke up at 2:45am to catch our plane at 6am.
·         Arrived in Cozumel at about 1:30pm
·         At lunch at the snack bar
·         Schedule our activities for the week
·         Chris tried to change the spanish word for "friend to "por favor" - and was successful, at least at our resort
·         Showered, ate dinner at the sucky buffet, hung out with Lana and Jon (John and Jon caught a crab at the beach) then went to bed
Day 2 (Monday):
·         Woke up at 5am and  couldn’t go back to sleep
·         Met everyone at the breakfast buffet, put on swimsuits then walked along the Cozumel “strip” and explored (drank our first dirty monkey of the trip).
·         We were going to go snorkeling this day, but it was too windy and the pier was closed (instead we decided to drink all day!).
·         Hung out at the pool with towels wrapped around us because it was freezing and enjoyed our free drinks.
·         Went shopping in “downtown” Cozumel, Chris almost got kicked out, Lerum thought he was the best bargainer in the world.
·         Ate at the resorts Italian restaurant, hung out at the beach, then closed the place down at 2am (Lana's funny quote of the trip was that we got drunk 4 times today).  Jersey turnpiking became the official dance move in Cozumel, and I got the nickname “Cozumel Laura”…don’t ask.
Day 3 (Tuesday):
·         Woke up hung over and then had to board a ferry to Playa Del Carmen to go to an “amusement park” called Xplor. 
·         Lana and Lisa lost their breakfast, and the rest of us did everything to not do the same on the stupid ferry!
·         We finally made it to Xplor after waiting in the main shopping area at Playa Del Carmen for a guy to take us to Xplor.  While waiting, John was called Jackie Chan – funniest thing ever!
·         At Xplor, we drove ATVs through caves, ziplined, and swam in an underground cave WITH BATS.   The water in the cave was freezing, but it was actually a really neat experience.  Chris slept in a hammock most of the day.
·         We then had to board that damn ferry again to get us back to Cozumel – wasn’t any better than the first time around.  I will seriously NEVER get on a ferry again!
·         We weren’t able to make reservations at the nice restaurants, so we survived the buffet another night.
·         I think we were all pretty spent at the end of the day, so we just laid low and watched the entertainment show at the resort (it was a demonstration of the Mayan, Aztec, and Inca native dances - really neat).
Day 4 (Wednesday)
·         Woke up NOT hungover, thankfully.  Ate breakfast and then hung out at the pool/beach.
·         Made sure to make reservations at the Mexican restaurant before heading out for snorkeling.
·         Snorkeled at 3 different spots along the western Cozumel coast.  We saw star fish, a bunch of colorful fish, sting rays, a king crab, a huge lobster, John and I got stung by a jelly fish (no I didn’t pee on my hand, but I thought about it), and saw a bunch of coral reef.
·         Took a taxi back to the hotel, showered, and then ate another great meal at the Mexican restaurant at the resort.
·         I think we crashed fairly early (at least the girls did), after probably hanging out by the beach for a least a little while.
Day 5 (Thursday)
·         Ate breakfast then argued for what seemed like the whole morning trying to decide if we wanted to rent Jeeps for the day to drive around the Island to see the Mayan ruins and the east coast of Cozumel.
·         We finally decided to rent the Jeeps and I am sooooo glad that we did.  I was a blast.  The Jeeps were both stick shifts, so Lana drove the girls and John drove the guys through “downtown” Cozumel to the Mayan ruins.
·         The Mayan ruins were really neat to see, but Chris was so on edge about a snake attacking him, that Lana and I had more fun scaring Chris.
·         After the Mayan ruins, I decided to be brave and try to drive the stick shift (which I haven’t done in probably 10 years).  Reversing was a little rough, but I did it!  It was a lot of fun, and I got to drive down the east coast of Cozumel with the top down in the Jeeps and the wind blowing in our faces.  The east coast was very remote and just beautiful to see.
·         We stopped at a little beach restaurant, ate fresh guacamole and fish tacos/gorditas, took our last tequila shot, and then headed home.
·         We ate our last dinner at the Italian restaurant, and of course we had to go out in style, so we closed the sports bar down once again!
Day 6 (Friday)
·         We all finally slept in until about 9am, enjoyed our last breakfast together, and then John, Jon and I had to put gas in the Jeeps…an adventure we did NOT expect.
·         First of all, Jon had to go back to his room to get cash for the Jeeps, but he only got enough cash for one of the Jeeps, and had to go back to get more cash because John and I didn’t have any.
·         We almost made it to the gas station, but I told John to take a turn too early, so we had to get turned around to get back to the gas station.
·         We made it to the gas station, and we started to fill up both jeeps.  It took more than the 2 gallons that we expected…which is all the cash Jon brought.  Needless to say, he didn’t bring enough.  John and I were held “hostage” at the gas station, while Jon ran back to the hotel to get 3 DOLLARS!
·         We finally made it back to the resort, ate a quick lunch, check out, did some last minute shopping , then headed to the airport to head home L