Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do we really need teeth???

So teething is absolutely no bueno!! Rylee will just be getting back into her normal sleep routine, and then, BAM, here come some more.  And unfortunately, it seems to get worse each round!! I know this only makes sense because her molars and canines are bigger than the previous teeth that came in, but I am definitely ready for all of her teeth to be in. So far, she has her her front four top and bottom and also her first set of molars. Now she is working on her canines, with one poking through. For the last 4 weeks, all of a sudden she has been waking up any where from 45 min to 1 1/2 hours earlier than normal and not taking that great of a nap.  I actually even did a google search about bad sleep habits around 18 months, and I found a whole bunch about kids going through a bad sleep phase around 18 months and that it can last between 2 - 6 weeks, so hopefully the end is near (the articles blamed the sleeplessness on teeth and children gaining more independece at 18 months)!!! 

On a more positive note :), Rylee LOVES to talk! So at almost 18 months, here's a list of what seems to come out the most: mommy, dadda, Maggie, Abby (her favorite sesame street character), baby, shoes, keys, PLEASE (even when she's supposed to!), all done, doggie (and woof woof if you ask her what the doggie says, puppy, monkey, purple, blue, NO (we are working on yes), bye bye, hi, cheese, love you, night night, blanky, and I'm sure there are a few more. If you hand her a phone, she will say "hello" and then carry on a conversation about who knows what ;)  It is super fun to hear her say new words all the time.

In about a week, John and I will be taking off for MEXICO! I cannot wait, BUT, I have to admit, only half of me is overly excited to go. The other half is overly nervous to leave Rylee for 6 whole days!  Did I mention I have never left Rylee overnight yet???  Yes, John and I have date nights and we get a babysitter, but I have yet to leave her overnight (I guess I did leave her one night, but she was with John).  So to say it makes me anxious to think about leaving her for a week is probably an understatement.  I have already apologized to my mom for the informational book/instructions she is going to receive on how to take care of Rylee :)  Thankfully, it puts me a little at ease that my mom is going to stay at our house while we are gone.  That is at least one less thing that will screw up Rylee's schedule.  I'm sure my mom will spoil her rotten, let her eat too much of things I wouldn't let her eat, get into drawers that I don't let her get into, etc...and Rylee will absolutely love it.  Heck, she probably won't even miss us ;)  Just get me a drink on the plane, and the all inclusive drinks in Mexico will get me through the rest of the week!!  Un cerveza por favor?!?!?!?