Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big Girl Bed

Well, our little stinker has pretty much given-up all things "baby" :'(  She is now sleeping in her big girl bed like a pro.  We already had a full size bed for her, so I had been searching for bedding for the past month for it.  After two online purchases from Target for Rylee's comforter, I finally found one I liked on the third try!  We put everything together last weekend and crammed a full size bed into her room with her crib.  I was hoping we might get lucky and she would want to sleep in her "big girl" bed instead of her crib, but I was definitely wrong with that idea.  She had no desire to leave her crib!  I was fine with her just getting used to her bed being in her room for a week or so, and then really attempt to get her to sleep in it.  However, like a pro, daddy got her to take a nap in it on day three!  It went way smoother than I thought.  I thought for sure I would have to stay outside of her door for awhile to keep putting her back in her bed, but she stayed in bed and took a normal nap!  I honestly couldn't believe it was that easy.  She still slept in her crib one more night after that, but since then, she has not been back in her crib and has been sleeping in her bed great!  It was pretty cute being woke up by Rylee when she figured out she didn't have to yell for us to come get her in the morning anymore.  She went to John's side of the bed, gently rubbed his hand, and said, "wake up daddy, Rylee's awake."  She can be such a bossy little stinker at times, but she can definitely be a sweetie pie too.  Now we just have to figure out where to put her crib while our basement is being finished. Maybe if we put it in the spare bedroom, God might get the hint that we are ready for another one :)

Here's a few pics from Christmas time since I didn't do a post for Christmas:

Heading to Grandma Sherry's for Christmas Eve

Rylee before Christmas Mass

Rylee and Mommy before Christmas Mass

Rylee and Daddy before Christmas Mass

Paints, Painting Book, and Painting Apron from Santa