Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1st Doctor's Appointment - 9 weeks

Just like Rylee, the morning sickness hit right at 6 weeks just like I predicted - ugh.  But it didn't seem so bad, or Rylee is just a good distraction ;)  Now that I am at 9 weeks, it's starting to get better as long as I don't let my stomach get completely empty.  Certain foods still don't sound the greatest (coffee, leftovers, and whatever I make for dinner that sounded good when I bought the groceries, but doesn't after I make it!), but that seems to be getting better too.  I definitely have a bump, but it mostly just looks like I need to get to the gym if you didn't know I was pregnant.  However, I probably can't hide this from people who see me on a regular basis much longer!

For whatever reason, I was more nervous for our first doctor's appointment than I ever was with Rylee. I think I was just oblivious that anything could go wrong when I was pregnant with Rylee.  Since it seemed to take FOREVER to make this little one (12 months to be exact), I have just been a little more apprehensive that we really are going to be able to add another member to our family.  BUT our first appointment went perfect!  I was so incredibly happy to see our little gummy bear on the ultrasound screen and know he/she has a good heartbeat.  Rylee came with us and held my hand and rubbed my shoulder while I was getting my "checkup" - as she called it.  They also drew my blood (4 viles!!) and Rylee watched the whole time!  I, of course, had to look away and still felt like I was going to pass out after it was over...literally...I had to lay down and John fanned me so I wouldn't actually pass out.  I don't remember it ever taking as long as it did to draw my blood before, but it felt like an eternity to do it this time.  At least that's over for awhile until the next time!  Oh, and this little one is set to arrive December 12th - although I am going to have a scheduled C-section about a week before my due date unless I go into labor early (happy 30th birthday to me ;))

This appointment has definitely made it a little more real that I am really pregnant.  I am still a little hesitant to announce the big news to family and friends, but I know it will just make it all the more exciting!!  So even though I am posting this after the fact, get ready for a big announcement from the Zucchelli's :)

Our Little Gummy Bear (butt is at the top, head is down)

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