Monday, July 29, 2013

Wrong Again ;)

It's a boy!!!

So I was wrong again and John was right!  I truly didn't care the outcome of the gender, but I am so excited to learn we are going to be adding another boy to the mix (I am sure John is even more excited then I am :)).  Our family could probably use a break from the bossy females that already think they run the house!  This little stinker had his "stuff' showing for all to see the very second the picture came up on the ultrasound.  He certainly wasn't bashful to let us know he was a boy.  All other aspects of the ultrasound looked perfect and we also got to see a 3D image with him (although they are kind of creepy to me).  As much as I wanted to learn the gender that day, I was overjoyed to hear that he also looked perfectly healthy.

Rylee has been saying through this whole pregnancy that she wants a baby brother UNTILL right before the ultrasound.  Apparently she changed her mind to wanting a sister, and she has still said that for the last couple days even though we keep telling her she is going to have a baby brother.  One way or another, she will have to deal with a little brother in just over 4 months whether she want's one or not!

I feel like I was so behind in figuring out how to decorate Rylee's nursery, but this time around, I already have the ideas going into motion.  Colors are picked, I just have to put it all together.  I always liked going shopping for our friends' boys birthday parties just because I only was able to buy girl stuff, but now I get to buy it for my own little stinker.

Rylee showing more interest in the phone than her new baby brother ;)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fourth of July and other stuff

(18 weeks)
Rylee had so much fun for the Fourth of July and didn't mind the fireworks at all!  By the end of it, she was throwing smokers (smoke bombs as she likes to call them) like a pro!  On the actual 4th, we went to the lake with some friends, including her TWO "boyfriends."  There was a little tension between the two.  One boyfriend, Braxton, lives across the street and the other is some friends of our's son, Sylas.  At one point, Braxton and Rylee were eating their lunch on a towel together, and Sylas made sure he needed to show who was boss and came and sat between the two.  It was pretty funny!  We had a blast watching the kids play in the sand and the water.  However, I also rediscovered why I hate one-piece swim suits.  I have a maternity swimsuit tank top, but it was way to big still.  So I went out and bought a one piece.  Lets just say I felt like a five year old going to the bathroom having to to take that whole thing off!  I won't be wearing that again.  I think I was scarred when I was a lifeguard seeing too many bare pregnant bellies on ladies who probably shouldn't have been in a two piece when they weren't pregnant!  Needless-to-say, I am not a fan of showing off my bare prego belly :)  We then continued the celebration of the Fourth on Saturday at my Aunt's house.  Rylee got to go swimming again and I got to eat delicious food, we were a happy family!!

Fourth of July at Beaver Lake
Rylee and Sylas

Rylee and Braxton

Swimming at My Aunt's House

Yesterday (Sunday), our neighbors invited us to going boating with them, and we all had a blast.  They also invited our neighbors who have Braxton, so Rylee had a friend on the boat too!  I swear Rylee is turning into a little dare-devil.  I used to feel like she was scared of everything, but she loved to sit at the front of the boat and kept telling them to "GO FASTER!!" Emily (Braxton's mom) and I were talking when we first got on the boat that we would not let our kids get on a tube until they were teenagers, but by the end of the day, they both took a ride on it!!  I think I had in mind the last time I was on a tube, which was a near death experience!!  The two kids were on it with two adults and they went really slow, so I actually wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be.  Rylee apparently didn't get enough from the first ride, so she had to take one more turn with daddy before we docked the boat.

I honestly can't believe how fast this pregnancy has been going by.  In two short weeks we get to find out what we are having!  I am kind of leaning towards it being a girl, but I was wrong the last time, so who knows.  Sadly, I already bought a pair of maternity jeans, but they actually fit pretty good.  I think I stayed out of maternity pants until 6 or 7 months with Rylee.  Oh well, at least they are comfy :) Just in the last couple of days, I think I have started to feel some movement!!  I kind of forgot what it felt like to feel a baby moving in your belly, but it is such a wonderful thing to experience.  There are definitely some things that are no fun while being pregnant, but getting to feel your baby move around is almost unexplainable :)

18 weeks :)