Friday, November 8, 2013

Were getting so close!! (35 weeks)

4 weeks left (and only 4 more trips into the office), but who’s counting ;)  The “uncomfortable” part of this pregnancy is slowly creeping in.  I’m actually still not too bad, but I am ready to meet this little man J  I know the next 4 weeks are going to go fast, and I am starting to get a little nervous about having a newborn, but at least I will be able to get some snuggle time in again.  I still sneak in a snuggle or two with Rylee, but they are few and far between.  I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for having a c-section for the second time around, hopefully it goes as smooth as the first one.  I think I am a little more nervous this time around only because I know what is going to happen.  We have decided on a name, I think...  Well actually, we decided on the name a while ago, but I have finally come to terms with it ;)  It always takes me a while.  For whatever reason, we haven’t told anybody the name yet, so you will just have to wait and see if we decide to reveal it before or after the birth!


We had so much fun for all of the good fall activities: pumpkin patch, apple orchard, and of course, Halloween! 

I absolutely love going to the pumpkin patch and the yummy food that comes with it, caramel apples and kettle corn (and we added a new one – warm mini chocolate chip cookies)!!  We bought some at the pumpkin patch, but then I decided it wasn’t enough, so I made more caramel apples and caramel corn in the weeks that followed ;)  Well, if I am being totally honest, I also made a huge batch of pumpkin bread and then some yummy Halloween cupcakes with a chocolate chip cookie in it!  This baby needs to get here before I overload on sweets in our house!  We have learned from the past that the best time to go to Vala’s is on a weekday, because it is CrAzY on the weekends.  The lines at least are not a mile long. 

We also made it to an apple orchard in Ceresco, NE.  It was a pretty small family run orchard, but they had lots of kid play areas throughout the orchard, so we had fun!  We picked a ton of apples and brought home another pumpkin. 

And lastly, HALLOWEEN.  Rylee was a pirate this year and I made her pirate skirt that turned out super cute.  It was a tutu made out of ribbon and scrap fabric.  We went to a little trick-or-treat thing at UNO and there happened to be a pirate show that they put on and one of the pirate ladies had a real parrot!  I thought for sure Rylee would be scarred of it, but nope, she went right up to the lady and wanted to feed the darn thing!  Due to my fear of birds, I made sure to stand back and just take the pictures!!  Halloween night we trick-or-treated with Braxton, the neighbor across the street.  Rylee and Braxton were too cute!!  Rylee kept poking his Dinosaur belly with her pirate sword and then he would try to get her with his tail.  By the end, they were both worn out and had a ton of candy! 

Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Apple Orchard

Playing in the leaves