Monday, January 20, 2014

He's Here!!

So I'm a month and a half late with this post, I blame it on trying to adjust to 2 kiddos! But Ryan Phillip Zucchelli was born on Dec. 5 at 8:17am. He weighed 6lbs 15oz and was 19.5in long. I didn't put much thought into how much he was going to weigh until I was on the operating table. I guessed 6lbs 6oz, and John guessed 7lbs 2oz. John's getting pretty good at this guessing business!  The csection was scheduled at 7:45am. We got to the hospital at 6:15, they got me checked in right away, and everything got started. The csection went as smooth as can be expected, but this time around I felt a lot more pressure during the procedure than I did with Rylee. When the Dr. was actually getting Ryan out it felt like a 50lb weight on my chest and I could feel a TON of pulling. Needless to say, I was more than ready to be done after Ryan came out!! The other difference from the first time around was that I was SUPER tired (like couldn't keep my eyes open!) once I made it to the recovery room and I was nauseous. I had to ask John the next day about conversations I had with people because I couldn't remember from being so tired!! The only thing I can think of that would have caused this is a different type of pain medicine. Other than that, everything went about the same as it did with Rylee. I was never in a ton of pain and I made it out of the hospital on day 3, which was also my 30 BIRTHDAY.  I was so grateful to be out of the hospital and spend the evening with John, Rylee, and Ryan.

So far, Ryan has been such a good baby! He sleeps well at night and rarely cries unless he has to get his diaper changed.  John and I have actually been getting some decent sleep, a lot better than we ever did with Rylee!! Heck, I fed the kid at 10pm last night and he didn't wake up until 6:30am! Since we brought him home, I have always done his last feeding between 10-11pm, and each week he slowly stretched the "overnight" feeding starting around 3am and now we are past 6am :)  He also eats well and is filling out a lot faster than I remember Rylee doing.  He also is a pro at nursing.  He latched on from the start and I haven't had a problem since (yet another difference between him and Rylee).  He is grown out of newborn clothes and is into the 3 month stuff.  His newborn diapers made it about 3 weeks before we had to move up to size 1.  We did find out after a horrible diaper rash that Ryan may have a bit of a diary intolerance, which means I also get to act like I have a diary intolerance :(  Apparently the diary (and/or tomato products) causes his poo to be extra acidic (sorry if that's TMI!), and hence the diaper rash.  Now looking back, he did get extra uncomfortable when he had too poo and was gassy.  The plus side for me is that this baby weight should drop off of me quick since my sweet tooth is getting kicked to the curb!

Rylee has been such a great big sister to Ryan, even better than I expected!!  She was a little iffy at the hospital when my mom brought her up, I'm guessing just because it was such a strange environment and she didn't understand why John and I had to stay at the hospital.  She was certainly ready for us to come home!  Once we got home, though, even the first night, she wanted to hug and kiss on her new baby brother!!  She never got jealous, which I was expecting at least a little bit.  So far, she still likes to hold him and give him hugs and kisses…she even likes to throw away the dirty diapers!

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone.  The Christmas season seemed to go by so fast this year!  I guess that's what happens when you have a newborn, everything becomes a big blur!!  Rylee made out like a bandit with all her new toys and poor Ryan mainly just got clothes.  Thankfully, he doesn't know any different ;)  I have been enjoying my time off, but it has certainly been going by fast.  It was great to have the time off during the holidays though!  I am already dreading having to go back to work, but at least this time around I am able to work at home once I do have to go back.  Going back for a full week when I had Rylee was a lot tougher than I expected!  Enough talk about going back to work, I still have more than a month left and am going to enjoy every minute of it!!

Oh, and Ryan was baptized on January 12th, which also just so happened to be the day the Catholic Church celebrated Jesus's baptism!  And, we happened to be the only baptism for the day, which is highly unusual at the church we go to.  At Rylee's, there were at least 10 baptisms on the same day.  It was nice to feel like his baptism was a little more personable.

And here is our life in pictures (and some of Ryan's newborn pics too!):

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